Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June in Review

My June was a pretty successful month.  I came in with some worries and an injury, but left the month feeling strong and re-establishing regular mileage.  So regular that I had actually run every day.  I also pushed my mileage past the century mark for the second time this year (after doing it in an overly aggressive February that was ill-fated).

I ran my first Ragnar

I started Marathon Training

I've done physical therapy all month

I'm now running basically pain free, although I do have to make sure to stop and stretch after a warm up mile or the post-tibial tendon will get cranky.  I feel like I've established a good base for the early marathon training.  Last June I only had 87 miles and logged 106 in July.  I will easily exceed those numbers this year as long as I don't get injured or sick.  Fingers crossed. 

Coming up in July I will do 4 races in 11 days - Bastille Day 8K, Dances with Dirty Devil's Lake Trail Half, Strike Out ALS 5K, and RnR Chicago Half.  After than I have a month off until I do back to back halfs in late August.

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  1. Nice monthly mileage and congrats on running every day! Consistency is the key, stay well!