Monday, June 30, 2014

Marathon Training Week 3

Nothing really exciting to report in this week of training.  My mileage increase a tad and I added a few more reps to my interval workout.  Everything is pretty much going according to plan so far.  I'm even slightly ahead of where my weekly mileage should be according to the Higdon Intermediate plan.  I'm not exactly following that plan, but that's still good to know because I wanted to make sure to build into and spend more time in the 50-60 MPW area this year.

I had a splendid track workout on Wednesday.  I went to meet up with the Redditors again, but only 1 of them was able to make it and he came late.  I did my workout on my own.  It was 400m repeats again and I upped the reps to 10.  I got myself locked into a groove and did 6 of them in 1:42, 1 at 1:43 and 2 at 1:41 and the final rep where I kicked things into gear at 1:38.  I was pleasantly surprised in the consistency I was able to maintain.  It also means my speed from last week wasn't an adrenaline fueled fluke.  If I can keep this up for 800+m intervals I will be extremely happy and feeling good about my time goals.

In other fun news I went to my first baseball game in Milwaukee.  Some of the Wurst runners ever were there as well.  We tailgated with beer and brats of course before heading into the stadium.  I'm impressed with the park, its pretty nice.  Things were looking dicey heading to the game as we encountered very heavy rains, but it turned into a nice, if humid, day.  I also have finally managed to get back to the weight I was at pre-marathon last year.  I had gained about 10 lbs after the marathon and through the holidays as I took a month running break to recuperate from runner's knee.  Getting back down to weight has been a goal all year long and a struggle as well since I haven't had the discipline to eat as healthy as I would like and I'm actually packing on additional muscle since I'm finally incorporating more cross training into my workouts.

Monday - 3.1 miles
Tuesday - 3.37 miles
Wednesday - 6.09 miles - half up, 10x400m at 5K pace, 0.75M down
Thursday - 1.7 miles
Friday - 3.39 miles
Saturday - 4.51 miles tempo
Sunday - 6.2 miles of drunk dodging fun post Pride parade.
Total - 28.4 miles


  1. Wow, great week of running for you. Do you usually run every day?

    1. I've been doing a Running World Run Streak challenge. It runs from Memorial Day to 4th of July - 40 days. My own streak is actually at 42 and I might just keep it up for awhile since it's been fun and helps me stay on track. Some days are only a mile or so, but at least it's something.

    2. Oh yeah, I've done this challenge before. I decided not to do it again this year because there are some days in which I simply do not want to run at all. :-)

    3. That is exactly the reason I am doing it, to make sure I do run even on the days I don't want to. If I start skipping runs I tend to keep skipping and fall behind in training. I'm not letting myself do that this year.