Monday, June 23, 2014

Marathon Training Week 2

Week 2 of training saw some improvisation and my first speed work of the year.  On Wednesday I headed to the track to join the Redditors for the first time.  They were a friendly group and have their own interval routine.  I probably broke social protocol but ran my own routine instead of theirs.  Everyone has their own methods of training and mine called for 400m repeats.  I only did a 6x400m with 400m recovery since it was my first speed work of the year and also I didn't want to aggravate the tendinitis.  The weekend saw me heading back to Michigan to visit family and juggling runs between wrestling with my nephews and attending a baby shower.

Mon -  3.06 easy miles
Tues - 1.66 run to and from PT
Wed - 0.5 warm up - 6x400m @ slightly faster than 5K pace and 400m recovery - 1 mile cooldown. 4.58 miles total
Thurs - 3.01 easy miles
Friday - 1.52 To and from PT
Saturday - 9 mile noon run - This one wasn't fun, couldn't get my heart rate down.  The boys jumped me as soon as I walked back in completely drenched from my run.
Sunday - Quick 2 since I woke up late and had to attend the baby shower

Total Miles - 24.9

I should of had around 26 or 27 miles this week so I didn't do too bad with the weekend shuffling.  This upcoming week I'm going to up the 400s to 10 and probably need to take my pace down a notch or 2 so I don't spend the next few days with zombie legs.

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