Monday, July 14, 2014

Marathon Training Week 5

This is just going to be a brief post for the training update.  I still managed to get my miles in while trying to balance out a couple races.  I skipped my interval session for the week given the races, but still threw in some fartlek work on Tuesday.  I managed to set a PR in the Bastille Day 8K and then 36 hours later set a personal worst in the Dances With Dirt Devil's Lake Half Marathon.  The worst was expected since this was my first time running an extreme trail race.  The recap for that will come soon.

Mon - 2.27 miles
Tue - 2.29 miles
Wed - 2.3 miles
Thu - 4.97 miles
Fri - 2.29 miles
Sat - 13.5 grueling and hilly miles
Sun - 3.39 miles
Total - 31 miles.

The 31 miles is a slight cutback from the 33 the week prior, but I ran more tough miles getting in a nice "tempo" run on Thursday and some extreme hill work on Saturday.  This coming week will feature 2 more races with the Strike Out ALS 5K and the Rock n Roll Half.  I will skip interval work again, but will try to up the mileage again since this week will be easier than last.

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  1. Awesome mileage. Sounds like your half marathon was brutal!