Sunday, August 10, 2014

Marathon Training Week 9

This week was somewhat of a struggle.  I've been fighting the remnants of the cold I caught last week.  The good news is I never got worse even after running last weekend's long run with a slight fever in the rain.  I took things easy early in the week before ramping up the mileage later on.  My pacing has gotten better even with being sick and trying to keep things at an easy effort.  It might partly be due to doing most my runs as the sun was setting, but I think I'm also starting to show some improvement from putting in the miles.

I decided to take a look back at what I did last year in training and how I was doing comparatively.  Well for one thing, my longest run last year was only 16 miles which I matched last week.  This week featured a 17 mile run.  Through the first 9 weeks of training in 2014 I logged 225 miles.  Through the same period this year I have logged 295 miles.  I also took a look at the 2nd half of training last year and saw I only logged 226 miles for the last 9 weeks.  My training took a little bit of a stumble and it showed when I collapsed after mile 18 in the marathon.  I don't intend to do that again so I plan on keeping up the strong effort in training.  I will be careful to avoid burnout, but definitely want to log more than 225 miles between here and the marathon.

Mon - 2.29 miles
Tues - 4.52 miles
Wed - 6.51 miles
Thu - 6.51 miles
Fri - 4.67 miles
Sat - 6.71 miles
Sun - 17.01 miles
Weekly mileage - 48.2
Monthly mileage - 72.09


  1. Congrats on all the miles and the massive 17 miler last week. I am honored to have witnessed a few yards of it! Keep training through all of the tough runs this cycle (and take a break to avoid burnout) and you'll make it through mile 18 and 26.2 with ease :)

  2. Great job Eric! Glad to see you are seeing improvement.