Sunday, August 31, 2014

Marathon Training Week 12

This was a bit of an odd week since I was recovering from the twin halfs last weekend and then ran a midweek 5K.  I struggled through my runs this weekend, but still got them done even if the effort wasn't quite where I wanted them to be.  It was the close of a highly successful month as we head into the home stretch.  Only 3 more weeks until the tapering begins.

Mon - 3.09
Tues - 3.41
Wed - 4.16 (and a shiny new and unintentional 5K PR)
Thu - 5.06
Fri - 6.01
Sat - 10.05
Sun - 20.19

Weekly Mileage - 52
Monthly Mileage -  219.72

Today also marked the day I hit 100 days of my run streak.  I spent most of it trying to re-hydrate after that hot 20 miler.  During the streak I covered 501 miles.  I'm also 150 miles ahead of where I was at the same point of training last year.


  1. Nice 20 miler today. I hit 14 and was wiped. Can believe you spent most of the day trying to re-hydrate. Anyway, great miles for the week. You are well on your way...

  2. I also did 14 today and was dead. I think it was at mile 11 where I said I didn't want to do it anymore, lol. That's what happens when you completely soak through your shirt after 2 miles. Summer can go away now.

  3. I am tired just looking at your 10 on Saturday and 20 on Sunday. You are going to rock this marathon!!