Monday, August 25, 2014

Marathon Training Week 11

Hi Folks,
This will just be a quick update.  Last week was a cutback week so I reduced the mileage down to 41.7 from the 54 the week before.  You may think this is quite the cut, but it wasn't a normal cutback week since I capped it off with back to back half marathons.  I'll get the recaps of this up soon.

Mon - 2.3
Tues - 2.3
Wed - 5.22 (slightly up tempo instead of normal interval workouts)
Thu - 3.38
Fri - 2.3
Sat - 13.1 - North Country Trail Run
Sun - 13.1 - Wine Country Trail Run
Weekly Mileage: 41.7
Monthly Mileage: 167.75

Let's just say as a sneak preview - both the halfs featured very hilly courses.  I was surprised in what I achieved.  I didn't run either of them all out, but still did well.  I'm not nearly as sore as I expected to be today.  Hopefully tomorrow brings more of the same.


  1. You were wise to do the bigger cutback last week. You had to rest up for your back-to-back halfs, and at this point in the cycle, you most likely did not lose any fitness at all. Looking forward to the recaps.

    1. I think the halfs added to the fitness they way the courses were.

  2. 167 miles for the month?! Holy crap!

    1. Crazy I know right? Still another week left in the month. 200 here I come!