Monday, July 1, 2013

Marathon Training Week 3

Hi Folks,
I've been slacking hardcore.  OK, I've been working like a dog, but I've been slacking on the blog and other aspects of life.  I don't have much interesting news from week 3.  I tried to fit runs in between arriving home late from work and the various wet things that mother nature has decided to throw at us over the last week.  I never even got to do my intervals this week.  I tried to do some on Wednesday, but between it being a bit warmer and me just being dog tired it didn't work out so well.

With all that said, I did hit my prescribed mileage for the week, although I ran less that the first 2 weeks when I went a little above and beyond.  My hip started acting up again later in the week.  I finally resorted to taking anti-inflammatory meds, but not until after my runs.  I also went and googled more stretches to do.  I will probably continue to take it easy as I have a heavy race load coming up again.  I think I'm going to take this round of races a tad easier that my last rough stretch.  Also doing 2 half marathons within a week for the first time every - go cumulative fatigue training!

7/6  'Merica!  Muddy Monk Trail 5 miles
7/11 Bastille Day 8K
7/16 Strike Out ALS 5K
7/21 Rock and Roll Half
7/27 Heatbreaker Half in Milwaukee


  1. I still think you should go to a sports therapist...

  2. Oh the hips! They don't lie. Googling hip workouts for runners gives good results. They pretty much match what my PT had me do at home. I started doing them again at least every other night now and use the Stick.

    Go go hanson training!