Friday, June 21, 2013

Marathon Training Week 2 in Review

I bet you're asking yourself - where is the week 1 review?  Yeah I've been a bad blogger lately and its been hard to keep up with the craziness still happening at work.  I was asked at 4:30PM today, Friday, to check in over the weekend and put in a few hours if needed.  I feel like Peter from Office Space.

Alright, enough of the tangent...  For those who forget I'm running the Hanson Marathon Method for my training plan.  Its in a book so its got to be good right?  Just like everything you hear on the internet is true.  The plan actually starts off slow and only has 2 runs during the first week.  I did 3 with the extra just being an easy 2 miler to get the blood flowing and recover after running a half marathon the prior weekend.  Things picked up a little more in week 2 and I deviated from the plan a little bit since my body is already adapted to higher mileage.

So I'm running the beginner training plan seeing as this is my first marathon.  I didn't want to sacrifice all the gains I made in the spring by resetting and going back to easy miles again so I decided to blend elements of the advanced program in.  I'm still mostly running easy miles, but I'm throwing in a little extra here and there - as long as they are slow my body gets a chance to recover from my recent race heavy schedule.  I also decided to do a speedwork Tuesday because I'm a glutton for punishment and love intervals.

The structure of my intervals was to do a warm up then do 12x400M with a 400M recover jog in between.  The book says to do these at 10K pace because they know everyone winds up running them faster anyways.  I'm no exception.  I actually surprised myself and did a near perfect negative split on the intervals.  The one aberration was interval where my course took a turn and I had to dodge some bikers so I think I get a little slack.  The other thing that made the intervals difficult was that I ran a little later than normal and hit swarm upon swarm of flies.  I don't even want to think of how many I possibly swallowed.

Overall I'm pretty happy with how week 2 went.  I nearly gave up on doing a run Thursday night since I got home late from work and was exhausted, but I toughed it out and crash after.  Its all about being mentally tough.  That's what gets you through the long runs.


  1. Jealous you got through injury free on the 12x400.
    The gnats are horrible this week. I'm sure I've eaten a few families of gnats

    1. Oh I haven't been injury free in a few weeks. I've been dealing with a tight psoas muscle. The dangers of a desk job and long drive to and from work. I just worked through it. I learned a few stretches that are helping now. I've really learned to do the intervals though. I did them in the spring and got good at pacing myself through the workout and not overdoing it.