Monday, June 17, 2013

Race Recap: Run for Boston 5K

The day began with an early drive from the city way up north to Libertyville.  I headed out with my usual companions Chris and Jennifer.  We arrived at Independence Grove a bit on the early side and walked up to the race site as the volunteers were doing introductions.  We picked up our packets and headed back to the car to get ourselves together before the race.  After a quick pit stop on the way back to the race site we caught up with Maggie and got introduced to Kelly.  After a brief chat we headed over to the race area to relax and take in the scenery before the race was to begin.

 The campsite
 Start line looks lonely

While waiting for the race to begin it started to rain a bit.  I was still on the warm side so it wasn't a bother, but everyone still headed for cover.  When it got closer to start time I left the cover and embraced the rain.  I figured if I was going to get wet while running, I might as well start wet and not have to adjust on the run.  After a bit of a warm up and a group warm up from the Illinois Bone and Join institute everyone lined up and heard a few words from our hosts and Jothy, the head of the charity, we were sent off to the song "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" which was pretty fitting and a good song to get amped up to.  I must have been a little too amped up because a little bit into the race I looked at my watch and saw I was at a 6:05 pace.  No wonder if felt like someone was sitting on my chest.  I slowed into an easy groove and enjoyed the rest of the race on a scenic route around the lake.  The course wound up being a little short of an actual 5K, but I didn't mind.

 Like Bigfoot, I too am blurry
 Tried to raise my arms, look like a spaz instead
I'm not good at this photo thing

After the race I saw Maggie at the finish line and she filled my brand new water bottle for me.  She asked how I did and I let her know the course was a little short, but I still did decent.  Just before the bend to the finish line I had seen Pete who up until now I kept just barely missing at races so I went over to say hi and cheer on the runners.  Chris came and joined us after he finished.  We were standing at the top of a "hill" and trying to encourage people for their last little push before the finish line.  After a bit Pete went over to say hi to other friends, Chris went to grab his ID for beer, and Jennifer came around so I headed back to the finish area.  I grabbed a beer and me and Jennifer both grabbed some pizza.   I also went over to the results screen and was shocked to see that I finished 18th overall.  I had to go back and look through the pictures from the race and count the finishers in front of my picture before I could finally believe it. After a few minutes we had a gathering of bloggers as Gingerfoxxx came over and I officially introduced myself and Pete came back.  We enjoyed the beers and joked that Sara needed to pull a Maggie and just happen to be busy with a race during her pending move.

Finally we gathered up all the bloggers for a group shot.
It was the perfect cap to a great day.  I'm amazed at what people can accomplish when their put their hearts into it.


  1. 6:05! NICE! your inner sprinting is awakening!
    Fun times meeting the other bloggers! Spaz finish photo should be your background

    1. I've actually been hitting sub 6 lately when sprinting for the finish line or races. I know the speed is still in there for short bursts. I just didn't mean to start off that fast. Blurry me is my new profile pic on Facebook.

  2. It was nice to (finally) meet you. It was a fun, laid back morning and the rain and cool temps made me wish I could have run the race as well! Most of my finish line photos aren't very glamorous - I usually look like I'm dying. :)

  3. I'm glad that you enjoyed the race- it was so great to have so many bloggers come out!

  4. Glad you guys were able to come out for the race! Congrats on the great finish! I got home in time to supervise the movers loading up the moving truck, and then stayed behind when my husband headed up to our new place with them to unload. Pretty great way to move in my opinion. Although I did stay behind to clean up - since my former landlords were my parents, I knew I'd hear it if I left the place dirty, LOL.

    1. Very well planned on your part. How is the new place coming along?