Sunday, July 28, 2013

A to Z of Me

Yes I've been slacking when it comes to posting this since I got tagged awhile back by Declan.  Even though I ran yet another race today I will postpone that recap to bring you all you wanted to know about me and more.

Attached or Single? Very much single unless you count the attachment to training.

Best Friend? Probably Jennifer in Chicago

Jim from college, here with his brother Chris who many of you may also recognize
And Brad from back home and high school track

Cake or Pie? I'm not big on either, can I get ice cream cake instead?

Day of Choice? Probably Friday.  Its typically my work from home day and leads into the weekend

Essential Item? I've gotten to where I feel crippled if I don't have my phone.  I remember one time I left it in my car while at work and just felt lost all day.  I kept reaching into my pocket to get it and felt sad it wasn't there.  I finally went back at lunch to get it so I would stop going nuts.

Favorite Color? I'm a boy - I like darker colors.  Usually blues, greens, and blacks.  I used to wear a lot of black for someone who wasn't a goth kid.

Gummy Bears or Worms - I like sour gummy worms when I was a kid.  Don't eat much of either anymore.

Hometown - Canton, MI.... its between Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Favorite Indulgence? I like ice cream.  And yes I'll eat it out of the carton :)

January or July? I got to go with January since that is my birth month.

Kids -  I have 2 kittens, does that count?



Life isn't complete without? Friends!

Marriage Date?  Let me go ask the non-existent fiance...

Number of brothers/sisters? I have 2 younger sisters.  Both live back in Michigan.

Oranges or Apples?  Apples for sure.  I'm not big on fruit but I will eat apples.

Phobias? I hate heights.  Take me up a tall building and I won't get near the windows.

Quotes?   "Damn the man!  Save the Empire!"

"The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!"

"You can't always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you get what you need"

Reason to smile? Completing a killer run

Season of Choice?  Spring - race season starts (although does it ever end since we have winter races?) and baseball season starts

Tag 5 People -
Declan tagged him, but he's also slacking so Adam@FatBarefootRunningDad
and Beth@OutsideTime is overseas right now, but maybe when she gets back

Unknown Fact About Me? I have semi-photographic memory.  It came in really handy during elementary and middle school when everything was just memorization.  To this day I still rock at trivia just because I remember so much random crap.

Vegetable? Tomato sauce - come on I'm Italian!  Ok fine fine, I'll say carrots.

Worse Habit?  This city is turning me into one of those aggressive drivers

X-Ray or Ultrasound -  The ultrasonic massagers they have at PT are kinda cool.  Make you feel all nice and warm.  I haven't had an X-Ray since I broke my finger.

I had 3 pins put in my pinky

Your Favorite Food?  I love me some babyback ribs.  I remember going on vacations as a kid and ordering them like everyday.  I was eating whole slabs at like 10 years old.

Zodiac sign? I'm a capricorn


  1. Thanks for caving and doing this! It is so 1997 isn't it?
    I feel like i'm pretty attached to my cell as well.

    1. Yeah... all we need is the AOL logo somewhere...

  2. I also picked Friday as my favorite day of the week, simply because I work from home and spend the majority of the day watching instant Netflix.

    Now for the important Michigan question... Spartans or Wolverines? My bf went to MSU, so we are a Spartans house (I went to NIU... not as exciting).

    1. I went to Michigan State so Spartans for me as well. I must admit I do the Netflix thing too. I have dual monitors at home so it works out well.