Monday, October 6, 2014

Marathon Training Week 17

For the first time in a long time I had a week where life just got in the way. You know I'm a little thrown off when I wake up and run before work on 2 different days just to get runs in.  I'm not too worried about it since we are in the tapering stages of training and there is no additional fitness to be gained.  It just means I ran 20 miles this week instead of the planned 30ish.  The important thing is that I remain injury free and ready to run this coming Sunday.  I'm having some dental work done this week so hopefully that doesn't derail the carbo loading too much.

Mon - 2.32
Tue - 1.27
Wed - 4.03
Thu - 4.3
Fri - 2.23
Sat - 3.77
Sun - 2.26

Weekly - 20.2

I did finish September with 202.5 miles as my 2nd highest monthly total ever.

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  1. Yes, Hanson's plan says that you won't gain any additional fitness within 10 days of the marathon. I think your mileage was fine. It is probably more important that you ran everyday to keep your legs from forgetting they have a job to do on Sunday! Hope the dental work went smoothly!