Monday, October 20, 2014

3 Year Runniversary

On October 21st, 2011 I decided to go for a run with Jennifer. That year I started my quest to get healthier and had been working out and building up cardio on a stationary bike for a couple of months. I figured I could handle a few miles given that I would bike for 90+ minutes at a time. I was soon proven wrong as I had to stop every hundred yards or so and catch my breath. Jennifer loves to rub that day in my face, but I kept at it. I soon developed a case of tendonitis from trying to do too much too soon. I had to re-learn what I knew about running since this wasn't high school track anymore. It wouldn't be until December until I started to run regularly.

I had initially decided that running was just going to be for me to get my weight under control and get healthier. I later reluctantly signed up for the Shamrock Shuffle. Once I ran that I became hooked and it's been race after race ever since. I conquered my first half marathon in June 2012 and then my first marathon in October 2013. I feel like I've accomplished so much in these first 3 years and yet I'm just getting started.

5K - 
First - Race to Wrigley April 2012   24:24
PR - Urban Hoedown August 2014  21:05
Number Run:14

8K -
First - Shamrock Shuffle March 2012   42:19
PR - Bastille Day             July 2014      36:36
Number Run: 6

10K - 
First - United Run for Zoo June 2012   52:43
PR - United Run for Zoo   June 2013   47:00
Number Run: 8

Half Marathon
First - Allstate 13.1 June 2012            2:13:03
PR - Chicago Half September 2014    1:40:54
Number Run:21

First - Chicago Oct 2013  4:26:32
PR -   Chicago Oct 2014  3:49:51
Number Run: 2

I have 3 more marathons to run in the next 3 months so that number is definitely going to go up. I'm going to need to find a decent 10K soon just because I know I'm faster than my PR now by a longshot. I ran around 46 minutes for the last 10K of the Chicago Half so that is a sort of PR right? I really just have 2 goals I'd like to achieve in my 4th year of running - get my marathon time down to 3:30 and my 5K time below 20. Neither is going to be easy. I'm going to have to dig in and probably start eating better to lose a little more weight. I'm down 25 lbs in these 3 years, but am still about 25 lbs above normal for my height and that makes a huge difference when it comes to running performance. 

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  1. It's funny, I broke my 10k PR twice during my half marathon PR. The first 10k of the race was a PR and the last 10k was an even bigger PR! Anyway, Happy Runniversary, you've come a long way in 3 years!