Sunday, September 14, 2014

Marathon Training Week 14

It seems like the weeks just keep flying by.  We've just got one more week of higher mileage until I can wind down and start the taper.  This week was a return to normal after going easy last week in preparation for the half marathon.  I was sore early in the week and so took things a bit easy.  I was able to shake off the rest of the soreness Wednesday night doing 800m intervals with the Redditors again.  I took things a bit easy keeping it around 10K pace before busting out a sub-5K effort for the final interval to finish strong.

On Thursday I went to the launch party for Runner's World since I'm actually in the magazine!  The group that I run the track with on Wednesdays also known as 606 R/iver R/unners or r/RunnersInChicago were featured as part of an article on Run This City: Chicago.  A photographer was sent out to take pictures of us a month or so ago and we felt silly and he felt silly since he knew nothing about running, but we got a great shot of the group.  We've grown since then and hopefully will continue to grow.  Who doesn't love speedwork followed by a few pints?

I'm in back in orange
For the weekend I got a little lazy and did my runs later in the afternoon, but it didn't matter since the cooler temps meant that the runs were still pretty awesome and I didn't completely sweat through all my clothes for once.

Mon - 2.33
Tue - 5.18
Wed - 5.47 (5x800 @ 10K pace)
Thu - 6.15
Fri - 6.25
Sat - 10.07
Sun - 18.05 (Last 9 at just under marathon effort)
Weekly Mileage - 53.6
Monthly Mileage - 94.42


  1. Very cool that you were in Runner's World. And also cool that we are able to run later in the day now with the cooler temps. Congrats on all the miles. 3.5 to go...

  2. So cool in being featured in the magazine!! Next time I see you I will have a pen and must get your autograph.