Monday, September 8, 2014

Marathon Training Week 13

Yet another week of training is in the books.  I cut back my mileage a bit this week in order to a semi taper for the Chicago Half on Sunday.  I wanted a strong performance, but didn't want to sacrifice all the work towards the marathon.  I realized by the time Saturday rolled around that I was more tired than I thought.  I guess poor sleep during the week and the huge August in terms of mileage may have caught up to me a bit.  I still managed to rock the race on Sunday while knocking over 8 minutes off my previous half PR.

The other thing I did this week was take the lead at track night with the Redditors.  They decided to change things up and try out the 800 meter interval workout that I normally do.  I tried to explain some of the basic fundamentals of my training mentality and how the 800 intervals should work.  We then got going and I led the front pack as the group broke into packs of 2 different speeds.  I took the first 4 intervals relatively easy trying to make sure not to lose anyone.  On the last interval I picked up the pace and challenged the leaders to keep up and finish strong.  It wound up being a great shake out day as most the intervals were just a touch faster than my half marathon pace until that last one.

Mon - 2.29
Tue - 4.68
Wed - 5.4 (5x800m)
Thu - 6.1
Fri - 5.03
Sat - 4.09
Sun - 13.1
Weekly Total: 40.7 miles
Miles through week 13: 482.24
Weekly Average: 37.1

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  1. Nice miles. I also did a "mini taper" for the Chicago Half. I think it was worth doing, not only to give myself a little break but also to see what my fitness level was. Also nice track workout. I miss going to the track but have a tendency to overdo it when I'm there. Maybe after the marathon I'll return....