Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What I Drank Wednesday

Ok so I've been encouraged to blog about my drinking habits and so here it is.  I know Wednesday is almost over, but it ain't midnight yet!

I'm going to cheat and go back to last Wednesday which is what kicked this off.  After work I went on a date with a girl who lives up near where my office is.  We decided to pick a spot halfway to meet and that happened to be Ram Brewery and Restaurant.  I got there a bit earlier than her and grabbed a Blonde Ale.  I went for lowest alcohol content because I didn't know how long I'd be there and I had to drive back home after and don't condone drinking and driving.  That wound up being my only beer that night.  The date was also sort of a bust.  Oh well.

Friday night I went out for a friend's birthday.  Their choice for dinner was Hubbard Inn.  We got their before our reservation and hit the bar.  I started thinks off with a Metropolitan Krankshaft beer. I know its a kolsch and more of a summer beer, but I was trying to ignore the snow that was starting to come down.  After we sat for dinner I switched over to Pilsner Urquell. Dinner was a bison burger and was just so so.  After dinner we went to Bub City since the birthday girl loves her country.  Not me, but I dealt with it and drank lots of Shiner.  After awhile there we headed up to Galway Bay.  I drank a Labatt tallboy... its been awhile since I went Canadian. Galway Bay closed and we headed next door to Yakzies where I finished the night with Bud Light.  Once you reach a certain point its just not worth it to drink good beer anymore.  It marked the 2nd time in a month that I stayed out until the bars closed.  What have I turned into?  I still got up and did my 6 miles on Saturday... just a little later in the day.  Sunday was another 12 miles before I went to a "Big Game" party.

My friends hosted people over for the game on Sunday.  I got there a little bit late so I missed the safety and whatnot.  When I arrived I was immediately offered a beer... Smithwicks, but the label was a bit funny.

My friends had gone off to India and gotten married over there, but still needed to have their American ceremony.  It looks like they picked a date and asked me to be a groomsman.  I gave a tentative yes considering that the wedding is likely to be in Iowa and the Chicago Marathon is the following day.  I guess I should hope that I don't get in the lottery and have to choose another marathon since I've never been a groomsman before.  I also had a Guinness during the game along with the Smithwicks.

So yeah, I drank a bit more than normal this week but didn't try anything new.  I don't know if next Wednesday will be quite as exciting since I don't have plans to go out this weekend.


  1. Yay peer pressure! I love Krankshaft (Metropolitan's Flywheel is pretty good too, if you haven't tried it before).

    Being a groomsman never sounds like a bad gig - just rent a tux and drink and smoke cigars. Sounds much easier than being a bridesmaid, that's for sure.

  2. Welcome to the party, Eric! Krankshaft is one of my go-to beers at one of the bars in my neighborhood.

    Jake is an expert groomsman, you should ask him for advice... meaning, maybe if you get him drunk enough he can demonstrate some of his sweet dance moves.