Thursday, May 2, 2013

Running for a Cause

Normally I'm not much of a person to ask for charity or do fundraising, but last year I found a great race and cause I could relate to.  The event is the Strike Out ALS 5K.  I bet you're asking what makes this race so special?  Well it is put on by the Les Turner ALS foundation.  The organization helps Chicago area ALS patients receive care and contributes to research.  I was drawn to the foundation because shortly after I started running, I lost my uncle to ALS in November of 2011.  My uncle was one of the sweetest guys ever.  He was very mild natured and would help anyone out.  I wanted to do something to honor his memory and help fight the disease that took him from his family and friends.

And what makes this race fun?  Well for starters it is run at US Cellular Field!  Most of the race is run through the parking lot, but then around the 2.5 mile mark you enter the stadium and run through the entire lower level, past the locker rooms, training rooms, and offices.  Just when you wonder how long you are going to circle you go up a short ramp and find yourself on the actual field near home plate!  From there you race around the edge of the field towards right field, along the warning track, before crossing the finish line in left field.  This doesn't get much better for a runner who is also a baseball fan like myself.  Once you finish the race they have some of the concession stands open so you can grab food, sit in the stands and then watch everyone else finish the race.  The other bonus is they broadcast the All Star game on the jumbotron to watch as well.

I know the race is in July and on a Tuesday night, but its for a good cause and there is free parking!  I have started a team if you'd like to join me - Team Moore.  No pressure for fundraising, just come and run - that alone will help support a good cause.  If you can't make it but still want to contribute you can also enter donations at the site.

My uncle Jerry, with family and friends and not letting his situation stop him from smiling.

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