Friday, May 31, 2013

Junk Week and Runnerbox

This week has been yet another round of craziness at work.  The long hours, crazy storms, and heat and humidity have meant that I have had my worse running week in quite some time.  I only made it out for a couple runs and just 10 miles.  I'm not too worried about it.  I'm still in good enough shape to handle my 10K this weekend and my half next week.  I'll just pretend I'm tapering.  After the Allstate 13.1 on June 8th I will officially start marathon training.  I will be following my training plan no matter what.  I guess I should get used to getting up early and avoiding the sun if I want to beat the heat.

I did treat myself to something cool I found out about this week.  There is a service called Runnerbox that is similar to those beer a month or coffee a month type clubs.  For $20 every other month you get a box full of running related goodies and samplers.  The also have a $10 monthly version.  I ordered my box on Wednesday and didn't know what their shipping cycle was for the next bimonthly order... well I was quite surprised to get an email a half hour later asking for my shoe size so they could send me socks. The box itself arrived today(Friday)!

So what did I get?

That bright flash in the photo would be the reflective shoelaces they included.  They do their job well it seems.

The shoe size was so they could give me Iniji socks.  I have a pair already and they are good socks for Vibrams or any other shoe

There is something called Skin Strong Slik which is a spray on skin lubricant for sports and 2 samples of Slather which is used to prevent foot blisters

Win sports detergent - specially formulated for synthetic athletic materials

Gu Chomps - lemon

Cytomax Sports Drink Mix - Pomegranate Berry

Energy Bits - green algae energy pellets

Sports Beans - pomegranate with caffiene

Chocolate Agave Slow Burn Energy Gel

Huma Chia Strawberry Energy Gel

Accel recovery bar

Coupon for $10 off box of Accel Recovery bars

Coupon for 10% of Huma Chia Bars

Coupon for 20% off Zensah compression socks

Coupon for 40% off Iniji socks

Coupon for 20% of Skora shoes

I'm really excited to get all these things to try out.  I've never been much for the energy products, but I should probably start experimenting and finding what is right for me for the Chicago Marathon.  I'm really interested in the Huma Chia Gel.  It is made from fruit puree and chia seeds.  The reviews I've read have said it is great tasting and easy on the stomach.  I'm already a fan of chia seeds as a supplement so I will have to give it a shot.  I look forward to what the next box brings in 2 months.

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  1. A swag post by a guy! Two upvotes! I am still trying to figure out what to do for fuel for the marathon, I may just stick to what they offer on the race and maybe an electrolyte tablet or something.

    The lakefront is awaiting another sunrise runner!