Wednesday, April 3, 2013

RRS Blogger Meet Up Recap

So my blog isn't very old, but I've been following many of the other runners through the Chicago Running Bloggers website for quite awhile now.  When I found out about the meet up I was a little apprehensive at first since I'm new to this whole thing and didn't know anyone yet. I'm so glad I went though since all of the fellow bloggers were quite nice.

Unfortunately I work way out in Northbrook and snuck out early just to make it for the 6PM start time.  I missed the early meet up for the fun run where everyone tried out some Mizunos.  I did arrive before they got back so I spent some time talking to the Mizuno rep about the new Evo Cursoris shoe and future developments on the way later this summer.  I already have a pair of Wave Inspire 9s in my running rotation and love them, so not going for the run in them wasn't much of a loss.  Once the running group got back, they gathered us up to tell us about the features of the store and other assorted fun.  I stood towards the edge of the group kind of nervously not knowing what to do.  Luckily after the speech was over Amanda introduced herself to me and helped get the ball rolling.

I spent the rest of the evening meeting more fellow runners like Dan, Maggie, Chris, and Bethany.  We shared stories of past races, shoe preferences, and what events we're looking forward to coming up.  Many people got fitted for shoes and some got massages that were being offered.  I've been fitted at RRS before so I didn't do it again, besides I just bought new shoes at Fleet Feet this past Saturday kind of ruining that part of the fun.  It was just really great to put some faces to blogs and see how genuinely nice everyone is in person.  I also wasn't the only first timer so that helped as well.  I can't wait to meet up with everyone again.  I promised a friend I'd do Shamrock Shuffle packet pick up on Friday, but I may still go back and join the fun with everyone on Saturday as well.  It will be a great day for a nice little fun run and hanging out with fellow enthusiasts.

And now for something different...
I took the new shoes, Newton Motions, for a nice little 5 mile jaunt tonight.  I must admit they do have a different feel to them.  I picked them up since I want to try and develop a more efficient stride and they supposedly help you to practice landing on your midfoot.  The shoe has lugs or nubs or whatever you want to call them placed right in the middle of the midfoot area.  They are quite bizarre at first and while walking in the shoes make it almost feel like your  toes are at an upward angle even though they are not.  The shoes actually have a 3mm heel drop so they are similar to minimal shoes, but with more cushioning.  It took me a little while for my stride to adjust so that I was striking the ground correctly.  I was probably putting way too much though into it.  I'm sure my pace was all over the place too as I was trying different things.  Once I got the hang of things I couldn't help putting the shoes to a speed test.  I picked a flat half mile section and went for a nice little interval run.  I made sure not to go all out, but instead tried my best to hold it to the effort I would do if I was running intervals.  Let's say I was impressed with the results, but further research is needed :)  It will probably take me a few more runs to fully get used to the shoes and the proper way to run.  I could tell later in the run that my toes were getting sore.  Newton recommends that you take time to acclimate yourself to the shoes and I thought I would be ok since I also have Brooks Pure Cadence with a similar heel drop and I also occasionally run in Vibram Five Fingers.  It turns out that I may have developed calf and foot strength, but the Newtons make me work my toes more due to the lever action caused by the nubs. Guess I'll save them for short runs for now until I get used to them.


  1. I'm glad you came to the meet-up! It was great to meet you and the other bloggers who I've never met before. Hope to see you Saturday or at a future event!

  2. I admire your courage in going to the meet up. I still haven't gotten over that hump. I'm also a little hesitant because it seems like the vast majority of running bloggers are women--haven't come across many guys that are average/amateur like me--and not superhuman pro athletes. Maybe I'll connect with you at a future one.

    1. Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there. The women don't bite. We all love running and sharing our stories. Many are looking for running buddies and friends.