Saturday, April 27, 2013

13 13 13 Challenge

Well I survived my trip to Las Vegas.  My bank account on the other hand is on life support.  Thankfully I finished signing up for all my races for the year before I left. 

I may have been a bit overzealous when signing up for races, but I decided to try and take on a challenge I heard about from a contractor I work with. She's from the Boston area and her running club is doing a 13 13 13 challenge where everyone is trying to run 13 half marathons (13.1) in 2013.  I am taking some slight liberties with the challenge.  Since I'm running the Chicago Marathon I'm counting that as 2 halfs.  I'm also counting the 20K I ran for Muddy Monk Double Down as another half since let's face it, 12.4 miles through the mud we had on that day was just as tough as any half I've run.  I've created a new races page that has my updated racing schedule.

Here are the halfs I'm running for the 13 13 13 challenge:

1. 3/24/13 - Chi-Town Spring half - Completed - 1:52:57
2. 4/13/13 - Double Down 20K - Completed - 1:58:52
3. 5/19/2013 - Chicago Spring Half
4. 6/8/2013 - Allstate 13.1
5. 7/21/2013 - Rock and Roll Chicago Half
6. 7/27/2013 - Heatbreaker Half
7. 8/10/2013 - Nearly Sane Half
8. 8/25/2013 - Peapod Half Madness
9. 9/8/2013  - Chicago Half
10. and 11. - 10/13/13 - Chicago Marathon
12. 10/20/2013 - Monster Dash
13. 11/17/2013 - Rock and Roll Las Vegas

So am I crazy for taking on the challenge? Some of the races do make sense from a training standpoint.  Rock and Roll Chicago will probably be warm and run some of the same streets as the marathon.  Just 6 days later I have the Heatbreaker which is an indoor race doing loops around an ice rink.  The tired legs and monotony of the run should help prepare for the latter stages of the marathon.  Both of my August races have hills to strengthen my legs.

Anyone else joining me for the challenge? Will I see any of you at the halfs?

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  1. Nice line up! I mentally pretend I'm doing a one person half on Sundays! Going to get myself a shirt and everything!