Thursday, March 28, 2013

Race Photos Where I Don't Look Like Death

So my race photos always look horrible.  I'm always so focused on trying to do my best in a race that I either ignore the photographers or I look like I'm running from death.  Today I saw how differently I look when I'm running a race for fun and just goofing around.  Even the photo of me at mile 12.5 isn't even that awful.

Here I am at mile 4.  Going nice and all smiles.  I tried to give a thumbs up, but the photographer was a bit too fast for me.

Now we get to Mile 11 and I'm still in good shape.  I think I tried a point and wink here but failed miserably.

Lastly here is me around mile 12.5.  There is no visible sweat or even the real look of strain.  I was just focused at this point and ran my fastest mile of the race.

With such good photos, makes me wish I would of shaved before the race.  Oh well.

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