Sunday, May 17, 2015

I'm Moving!

Some of you are already aware of this, but now it's blog official. I am moving. Not only that, but I decide to take the next step in adulthood and am buying my first condo. I've been renting in Chicago for the last 8.5 years including 5 years in my current apartment so this will all be a big change. In addition I'm heading to a new neighborhood that I've visited many times in the past, but never lived in.

I'll be making the leap from southeast Lakeview over to Lincoln Square. I'm trading easy access to the lakefront path for the river path. I'll also be less than a mile from the River Park Track. Yet another perk is being close to Fleet Feet. I know the Lincoln Square store is smaller, but still nice to be near a running store for the fun runs and whatnot.

So I lucked out and found a great place. My realtor told me that the housing market this spring was crazy and boy was she right. After only a week of searching I found a place I loved and wound up in a multiple bidder situation. My bid was chosen and soon I'll be closing on it. I've be upgrading from 1 to 2 bedrooms and will also get an extra 400 square feet for my current place in addition to a storage unit and a private patio. It'll be nice when I'm finally settled in this summer to have some cookouts.

Obligatory pictures:

Living room

Another angle


Dining room

Another angle

Master bedroom

2nd Bedroom





  1. The new place looks great (and very much Lincoln Square)!!!! Congrats on your impending home ownership, and on moving into such an awesome neighborhood. I spent 6 years there myself, and loved it. I hope you do too!

  2. Congrats on the new place and welcome to the neighborhood! Also, there will soon be a new trail along the river from Montrose to Belmont which will be cool. Yes, the real estate market was crazy this spring. Every "for sale" sign I saw put up had a "contract pending" sticker on it within a week or two.