Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Ravenswood 5K

This year was my 2nd year participating in the Ravenswood 5K. It's a relatively fast course in the Ravenswood neighborhood of the city and includes a leg that takes you through the heart of Lincoln Square. I enjoy the race since it is early enough in the season where it's usually not too warm yet and plus it takes place on city streets so there are less crowding issues than faced on the lakefront path. The downsides are the race features a few more turns than optimal and sections of the course include speed bumps.

Heading into race day I felt a bit less than optimal physically. I didn't sleep well during the week and loud neighbors didn't help. I can't wait to move out of here and get some peace. My weight actually dropped as low as it's been and I even felt a bit shaky on Saturday. After eating a little more than normal and resting up most of Saturday I did feel better, but not at the top of my game. The 6am alarm on Sunday still felt real early.


  1. Congrats on your second 5k PR in two weeks! It took me five years between my last two PRs, so here's hoping I can follow your lead and at least PR twice this calendar year! Your Garmin shows you that you ran a 20:00.00 - so with an easier course, less wind, and less noisy neighbors the sub-20 will be definitely be yours. I need to try a pickleback sometime. I guess all of the cool kids are drinking them!