Sunday, December 28, 2014

December Training

This December has been a little unusual. Last year I was recovering from injury and decided to take nearly the entire month off. I wound up totally just 5 miles with a couple short runs down in Florida while on Vacation. This time I am once again heading down to Florida, but a bit later this time around as I won't head down until the 6th of January.

After completing the marathon in Las Vegas I threw myself into recovery and then reverse taper mode. My mileage went 15, 25, 35, 55, 50, and 31 miles as I started tapering  back off again. I had doubts about being able to ramp up so quickly, but have had no ill effects other than wanting to nap more than usual. The reason for the crazy ramp up was some last minute training and prep to get ready to take on the Dopey Challenge. The penultimate race coming 2 weeks from today.

I've logged 170 miles this month and should log somewhere in the neighborhood of 180 before New Years. That is certainly an improvement over last year's 5. I'll likely fall 20 miles short of the 1500 annual miles due to a tracking error I noticed a bit too late. 1480 is still a huge jump from the 1060 I ran last year. I'll also be at 1000 miles for the last 6 months which shows how consistent I've become in my training over the latter half of the year.


  1. Congrats on all the miles and glad to hear December 2014 is working out for you better than last year. I am somewhere around 1900 for the year, not bad considering I took January and most of February off. Enjoy your taper! :)

  2. I always nap more in the winter, regardless of training stuff. Great numbers! Almost time for Disney!