Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What I Drank Wednesday [3]

So I just happened to visit another beer festival this past weekend.  This time it was the West Loop Craft Beer Festival located near the French Market.  I wasn't going to go until Anne convinced me with a coupon code.  Ok, who am I kidding.  It doesn't take much to tilt the scales when beer is involved. 

I was pretty beat up physically after Soldier Field.  I had only 2 hours of sleep the night prior and my quads nearly quit on me during the race.  My right arch was aching as well.  I had a hard time even getting home staying upright.  Since I live next to a Walgreens I picked up an arch brace and went home and proceeded to down Gatorade and water to replenish myself and took a brief nap.  After the nap I felt a bit better and could actually walk and so made my way down to the west loop.  I kept checking for a quick bite before the fest but everywhere was either closed or had long lines.  Once people tweeted that they weren't showing up on time I went to Olgilvie and had a more relaxed lunch in the food court.

Once at the fest I quickly found Charlyn and Erin.  Anne and Bob joined us soon later.  It was a little crowded with all the tents fit into the street instead of having a football field separating them, but wasn't too bad.  Lines were short for the most part.  It was a good time and I tried a lot of beers from smaller breweries around the Chicago area.  I also got a lot of comments about my epic pretzel necklace.

The beers I had include:
Jarrett Payton - Argus Brewery
Ambassador Am-Belgo - DESTIHL
Kuhler See - Lake Effect
Lawnmore Lager - Baderbrau
Fire&Ice - Brooklyn
Rubaeus - Founders (probably my favorite of the day)
Summer Ale - Ommegang
Fascist Pig - Finch's
The Life Pursuit - Middle Brow
Riverwest Stein - Lakefront
Saison de Lis - Perennial Artisans Ales
Gringolandia Super Pils - 5 Rabbit
Dark-N-Curvy - Piece
Municipal India Pale Ale - Ale Syndicate
Moon Moon - Atlas
Honey Pot Blonde - Hailstorm
Birthday Suit - Begyle

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