Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Good Life Race

Just  a month from now is a great Chicagoland race.  For those who like 5Ks, this one is one of the best around.  I ran in the race last year.   Its super well organized and held in Oak Park.  Its easier to get to for suburbanites and still on the green line for the city dwellers.  The race is HQ is at a local school that gets transformed into packet pickup and gear check as well as a post race area to regroup.  There are plenty of port-o-lets at the start of the race as well as room to jog around and warm up.

One of the unique features of the race is that the men and women run separately.  The guys and girls can still watch each other start and finish in spite of having different paces.  The course has more of a small town feel to it as it runs through a more suburban like setting.  There are runners of all speeds, but enough speedier folks to help push you to new limits.  I broke my PR at this race last year without that as a goal.  It served as a morale boost for when I shattered my PR later at Race to Wrigley.  Also the best part of the course - the last half mile is pretty much downhill.  Nothing like a strong and fast finish.

Use code CHICAGOSBEST2014 to get $5 off and CARA members still get an additional $3 off on top of that.

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  1. Oh bummer, looks like a fun race but I'll be running an ultra that same day.