Thursday, August 22, 2013

Welcome to Sick Bay

Its been a little quiet around here lately.  I haven't been running as much as I would like.  Thankfully I'm not injured.  I've just been under the weather and worn down.  I started to feel a little out of it last Thursday and decided not to run that night.  On Friday I didn't feel much better and even took the day off work.  On Saturday I was a little better rested and went out and did 8 miles but still felt kind of blah.

Sunday was the big day for work.  The project that I've spent the last 20 months working on was going live.  I had some conversion tasks to take care of and some validations to do and that would be it, we'd be up and running with our brand spanking new software.  A lot was riding on this.  I thought my Sunday tasks would take 2 hours, but they wound up taking 8.  Guess we should expect some bumps at first right?  After all was said and done I just wanted to get back out and run again so I did.  The first 11 miles were great, the 12th almost did me in.  My energy was just about gone, but that was mostly my fault for not carrying enough fuel or sports drink.  I got a funny feeling in my knee briefly, walked it off for about a minute, then started running again and it was gone.

I had a hard time sleeping Sunday night with the first day of go live jitters.  Monday night was even worse as it was the first time our batch process was running.  It took a little while to complete that first night, but we expected that.  Tuesday was a surprisingly quiet day.  We had one issue to sort out and got it taken care of.  The lack of rest took its toll though as a full blown sinus infection set it.  We've had a couple more decent days and the first week is turning out to be pretty good success.  Its now Thursday night again, meaning I've only run 2 days in the last 7.  I managed 20 miles, which is about half of what I was supposed to do in training.  At least I don't have an injury that is knocking me out of training.

Its actually not much of a surprise I got sick.  I've been under a lot of pressure and with little rest with the big project going live.  I've worked a lot of long weeks and weekends leading up to this.  Hopefully now that we're live and things are going pretty well I will be able to rest a bit easier.  The other reason its not much of a surprise is I've had sinus problems for years.  I'd get nasty sinus infections every few months due to poor drainage of my sinuses.  I finally saw a specialist last year who examined me and sent me for an MRI. It showed I had some slight deviation to my septum, but not enough to get corrective surgery.  I was instead placed on 2 nasal sprays that I had to take twice a day.  The medication is a bit of a pain, but it has worked out quite well.  I have an easier time breathing through my nose now and this is only my 2nd sinus infection in the past year.  They used to knock me out for a week or 2 before, these last 2 haven't been nearly as bad.

I will probably back out for at least a short run tomorrow.  Maybe another on Saturday depending on how things go.  Sunday will be interesting.  I'm running the Peapod Half Madness Marathon in Batavia.  It is going to involve me getting up at like 3:30AM just to get out there in time to do pre-race packet pick up and then a 7AM start time.  Something tells me this may be one of my slower halfs.  I may have fresh legs, but I will have a tired body and the weatherman is predicting 89 degree temps.  Maybe I should petition to start at 3:30AM instead?  I can't quit now, its half #8 of the year... over half way to that magic 13.


  1. Good luck in the half. Hope you feel better.

  2. figured the weather heats up for your next half! Glad you aren't injured, that ish messes with your head!
    Hope you bounce back into the plan easy!